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Factually, the morality and character of the nation, especially among the students has started to show signs of falling appart. This is evidenced by the high rates of violence such as sexual harassment, brawls and fights in the world of education. The main issues are not something that could be considered trivial. Cases are occurring among current students have been entered in the category of very poor condition, some of them even deals with the legal authorities. In conditions like this, all it takes is through peace-based education. In this case the peace education is regarded as one of the alternative solutions of problems that occur at this time.
The main problem of this research are as follows, first how is the concept of peace education. Second, to analyze the value and the implementation of peace education in the material of the Da’wah Muhammad in Madina Period between the MA and General high School.
The method of this research is library research. The results of this research are: first, peace education is an educational concept that boils down to a generation of peace, the development of a culture of nonviolence and skills in resolving conflicts. Second, the value and the implementation in the material of the Da’wah of Muhammad in Madina Period is unity, solidarity of humanity, tolerance, compassion and empathy.

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